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Installing a wind turbine in Newcastle


GO Wind are a Newcastle ​based wind turbine installation and maintenance contractor and a trusted provider of trained and competent manpower solutions for the wind industry. From wind farm planning and installation to maintenance and component replacements.

We understand the high levels of competencies required, and that’s why we can support you with highly skilled technicians, and our ethos is to keep your projects and assets moving, efficiently and effectively. By doing so, we ensure we are at the forefront of the battle against climate change, alongside our equally passionate clients.

Our Newcastle ​based wind turbine teams have come from trained and experienced technician backgrounds, experienced in all aspects of the services we provide, whom are now upskilled with current industry accredited training to perform at a high level as the ideal leader for our teams, and for your projects.

Our Projects

Hornsea one, offshore pre-assembly, UK

Hornsea one

Offshore pre-assembly UK

Assisted Windhoist in the pre-assembly and mechanical completion of 140 of the Siemens Gamesa D7 offshore wind turbine tower sections for the Hornsea one windfarm.

Grousemount, onshore installation, Ireland


Onshore installation Ireland

Assisted Windhoist in the pre-assembly, main installation and mechanical completion of 18 of the Siemens Gamesa D3 onshore wind turbines for the Grousemount wind farm

Hedet/Ribacken/Langmossa, onshore installation, Finland


Onshore installation Finland

Assisted Windhoist with the pre-assembly of all Nordex N149 Prototype onshore wind turbines across 3 sites, as well as assisting in the main installation and mechanical completion.

Dan Tysk, offshore component replacement, Germany

Dan Tysk

Offshore component replacement Germany

Assisted Cwind and Siemens in the replacement of all yaw brake callipers across all the Siemens Gamesa 3.6MW offshore wind turbines on Dan Tysk wind farm.

Sheringham Shoal, offshore component replacement, UK

Sheringham Shoal

Offshore Component replacement UK

Assisted Cwind and Equinor in the replacement and repair of yaw brake callipers across select Siemens Gamesa 3.6MW offshore wind turbines on Sheringham Shoal wind farm.

Sheringham Shoal, offshore maintenance, UK

Sheringham Shoal

Offshore Maintenance UK

Assisted Cwind and Equinor in annual service as well as troubleshoot support on Siemens Gamesa 3.6MW offshore wind turbines on Sheringham Shoal Wind farm

Nysater, onshore installation, Sweden


Onshore installation Sweden

Assisted Windhoist in the pre-assembly and main installation of all Nordex N149 onshore wind turbines on the Nysater wind farm cluster based in northern Sweden

Midelt, onshore installation, Morocco


Onshore installation Morocco

Assisted Windhoist in the electrical and mechanical finishing and extended to extra works of all Siemens 4MW DD-130 turbines for the Midelt wind farm project located in Morocco.

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